Take a look at these tips for preparing for your session. By following these hints, you can help ensure that your session goes smoothly and that you get the most out of our time together.



Preparing for your session

  • Children/Family :
  • Newborn :
  • Maternity :
  • Seniors :

When picking out clothing for your portraits, solid color clothing is recommended. Please try to avoid large prints, patterns, and logos as these things can be distracting, and take away from your child's expression.

For outdoor photos a more casual dress is a great choice. Bare feet are also preferred in most cases, and will prove to be a more classic and timeless look for your portrait.

If your family or children are being photographed together, please choose clothes that are similar in style and color.

One outfit is usually sufficient, but one additional clothing change is allowed.

Please feel free to bring your child's favorite toy, blanket, snack, etc. I want your child to feel as comfortable as possible during their portrait session, and I will always try to incorporate your child's special things.

I allow plenty of time for newborn feedings during the shoot. Having three children myself, I know their feeding schedules can be very unpredicatable. But, please try to start the session out with your baby having a full tummy.

During the session, I ask for you to kindly leave your camera at home or in the car.

And most importantly come to your session relaxed and ready to have fun!

You are weclome to bring an outfit for the start of your newborn session, however babies look great in bare skin and is my favorite way to photograph them. I also have a few diaper covers available, but feel free to bring one with you if you prefer.

Although it's not a must, I always prefer to include mom and dad in the portrait session. Dark, solid colored shirts look best against your the creamy skin of your baby. Jeans are also preferred over dark pants, and/or shorts. (you might even want to bring a change of clothes for yourself, just in case your baby decides to get you a little wet... smile).

I have some newborn props (antique baby scale, bird nest, stack of towels, flower petals, etc) Please bring with you a special blanket or stuffed animal that will add a personal touch to your portraits as well.

Our newborn babies grow and change so quickly the first few months, don't miss out on the opportunity to create portraits that you will treasure and look back on for a lifetime!

When choosing clothing I always prefer jeans over shorts. White, black, and grey shirts are good color choices for your portraits, don't forget to co-ordinate with dad. Pastel colors work well for mom's individual portraits as well. Find a shirt from your pre-maternity wardrobe that will be tight fitting, so we can really showcase your beautiful belly.

I also have a few different kinds of material that we can drape or wrap you with as well. Some mom's even feel comfortable in bare skin, and that is great as well. We will discuss these kind of things ahead of time.

When picking out clothing for your senior portraits, please try to bring a good mix of styles and colors.

Don't forget appropriate shoes and socks for each outfit. In many cases they will show!

Bring more clothing changes then your portrait package allows. I will help you decide which outifts will work best with the backgrounds/locations I have available.

Please come to the studio dressed in an outfit you wish to wear for your session.

It's always a good idea to bring along hair spray and a makeup bag for touch ups. Lip stick/gloss, and powder are always good items to have on hand, especially since you will be changing clothes.

If you normally wear glasses, you will most likely want to wear them in your portrait. Glare from glasses can usually be avoided, but a quick and simple way to ensure that your glasses won't have any glare is to take your lenses out of the frames ahead of time. Most doctor offices will provide this service free of charge. In many cases, glass glare can't be retouched… and is well worth the extra effort it takes to remedy the problem ahead of time.

If you are interested in a sports package, please bring with you anything that is important to you, and your sport. Ideas include: equipment, awards, school blankets, uniforms, football, basketball, soccer ball, letter jacket, etc.

Bring a friend with you! It's always good to have a friend there to help you relax! We can also include your friend in a couple of shots… and is another popular service that I offer at no extra charge!

During the session, I ask for you to kindly leave your camera at home or in the car.

Most importantly… as your photographer, I pride myself on providing a FUN and RELAXING senior session! I'll be looking forward to working with you soon!